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Have you ever wondered why you feel anxious or insecure? Are your thoughts making you feel lost or overwhelmed? Do you lack motivation to get the things done that you need and want to accomplish? Are you struggling with anger and do not know why or how to change it? Are your relationships falling apart or not going the way you would like them to? Have you lost a loved one and feel overcome with grief? Are you being kept awake or waking up in the middle of night due to worrying thoughts?

My name is Julie Perry, and I am a registered Social Worker who has over 15 years of counselling experience. I can help you navigate what is happening in your life. Whether you are experiencing anxiety or depression, chronic illness, caregiving for someone with a chronic illness, are concerned about addiction, or just feeling stuck and wanting to start a new chapter in your life, you are not alone. We can be in this together and I can function as your guide to walk with you through these times.

I believe that the key aspect of a successful counselling experience begin with a strong therapeutic relationship that is rooted in honesty, safety, and openness. This relationship is best paired with your desire and willingness to take steps to make changes and my passion to work with you to achieve the goals you set. Together we can work through the experiences, thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that have brought you here today.

I passionately believe that as we work together, you will build on the skills and knowledge that you already have to make changes that can result in a more fulfilling life. My role in your journey is to guide, support, and inform you to make it safely through that journey.

Book with me today to take the first step in discovering what is getting in the way of living the life you want and the life that you deserve.

Have you ever wondered why you feel anxious or insecure? Are your thoughts making you feel lost o... Read More

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